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5 World Life Insurance Company

We all did not always exist 'in a safe position'. In life, we face various risks. Whether it's an accident, fire, illness, natural disasters suffered etc. All this misfortune not only hurt physically and mentally, but also deplete the fund quite a lot. Therefore, many insurance companies that offer solutions to 'treat' of its financial side.

They provide a range of services to its clients or customers. Here we describe the top 10 leading insurance companies in the world. We also include a variety of other information such as geographical area, premium collections, revenue, etc. This info is certainly the largest by market capitalization in the world. Jom!

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ING Group is an insurance company that was established on January 21, 1991. Their main headquarters is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company has as many as 68 431 people employees. Its CEO is Ralph Hamers. The company provides services such as investment, life insurance and non-life, banking and asset management. Whether it's an asset for individual clients, small businesses, companies that have advanced and large as well as government institutions. They have several business segments such as Retail Belgium, Retail Germany, Retail Netherlands, Retail Rest of the World, Commercial Bank, Netherlands Non-Life, Insurance Europe, Netherlands life, Japan Life and Investment Management.

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AXA Group is an insurance company established in 1985. Their main headquarters is in Paris, France. AXA S.A. itself is a group of investment firms, insurance and pension groups worldwide. They offer various types of insurance such as health and life. The center of their operations in North America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe and the Middle East. Worldwide, they serve around 80 million customers. While there are 96,000 employees. As its CEO, namely Henri de Castries. Based on Forbes, the group company was ranked 29th in the Global 2000.

3. Prudential PLC
Prudential PLC
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Prudential already quite old age, because standing on May 30 1848. The headquarters are in London, England. Its CEO is Cheick Thiam. They employ as many as 23 915 employees. Prudential PLC itself is the parent company ynag engaged in insurance and financial services. They have a center of operations in Asia, the USA and the UK. They have to offer in the form of asset management services, retail financial products and services in the region IN. Retail financial products and services include retirement homes and an annual allowance, insurance and investment collection schemes.

4. American International Group (AIG)
American International Group (AIG)
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Insurance companies that sponsor one of the world-famous club, AIG, was established in 1919 by its founder Cornelius Vander Starr. Their main headquarters is in New York. The company widen its services in more than 130 countries with a staff of about 65,000 people worldwide. Their CEO is Peter Hancock. AIG Inc. is an insurance company that operates globally. Their products which include life insurance, pension products, property casualty insurance, mortgage insurance and other financial services as well. The Company is divided into two segments; AIG Life and AIG Retirement Property & Casualty.

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Again, Cornelius Vander Starr founded an insurance company's. Year is also still the same, ie in 1919. However, the company's headquarters in Hong Kong. Its CEO is Mark Tucker. Employees there were 20 million people. AIA Group Ltd. It offers general insurance services. They operate several segments in Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and other markets. Another segment is the corporate center. This segment includes services groups together, corporate functions, certain internal reinsurance and the elimination of transactions intagrup. In 2009, the company separated by AIG Group. They operate in 17 markets in Asia-Pacific. Some of them wholly owned subsidiary companies. They exist in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Macau, Brunei, 26% of business joinan in India with offices in Myanmar. They have 96% of branches in the country Sril Rare.